“These are the people who spread the coronavirus”

A tightening of containment is indeed expected in the Netherlands in the coming hours. “Don’t come for that,” he told the Dutch news agency ANP on Monday. “These are the people who are spreading the coronavirus. Go to your local store, order online. ”

Non-essential stores have been reopened in Belgium since December 1. According to Dutch media, there should be general lockdown in the Netherlands from Tuesday, including the closure of all non-essential businesses. Hairdressers and other contact professions will also have to remain closed.

The opposite in November …

In an interview with the ANP, Steven Van Gucht advises the Dutch not to come to Belgian stores. The virologist recognizes that it is difficult to keep people at home. “We also ask Belgians not to travel, but this is particularly difficult in border regions.” In November, several Belgians had ignored the advice of the Crisis Center not to shop in the Netherlands.

Based on the figures for new infections and hospital admissions, the interfederal spokesperson sees no reason to close stores in Belgium again now. “But it’s a political decision.” On the other hand, he finds the figures in the Netherlands worrying and underlines “the dynamics of the virus”.

More coordination

Steven Van Gucht calls for greater coordination between Member States on their measures to fight the coronavirus, including in the field of tourism. “We have open borders in Europe, but no health union.” This is not practical to manage a pandemic, he observes.


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