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The list of 25 richest families in the world it’s already updated. In the ranking made by Bloomberg, you can see the greatest fortunes on the planet, which belong to families that increased their wealth through several generations, even despite the adversities experienced in the last year and a half due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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The list excludes first-generation billionairesto those fortunes controlled by a single heir and to families whose source of wealth is too diffuse and difficult to trace like the Rockefellers.


They top the annual list of the richest with a fortune of 238.2 billion dollars. The Walton family is owner of Walmart, the largest chain of retail stores on the planet. Despite selling $6 billion in shares in 2021, Sam Walton’s descendants still control 48% of the shares after three generations.

The Walton brothers have a fortune of 238.2 billion dollars.



His wealth comes mainly from his business in the chocolate and confectionery industry, with popular marcas como M&M’s, Milky Way y Snickers, as well as pet care products. Frank Mars started selling candy in 1902 at the age of 19. And after five generations, the family wealth is $141.9 billion.


Brothers Frederick, Charles, David and William inherited the oil company from their father Fred. Today, the third generation runs an industrial emporium in various areas such as oil, chemistry and energywith a fortune of 124,400 million dollars.


Axel Dumas and Henri-Louis Bauer, represent the CEOs of Emile Hermès SARL

Axel Dumas and Henri-Louis Bauer, represent the CEOs of Emile Hermès SARL


The sixth generation of this family owns the French luxury fashion company famous for its bolsos Birkin, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The family wealth is 111,600 million dollars.

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The 89-year-old monarchy, which gives its name to Saudi Arabia, has an estimated fortune of 100,000 million dollars thanks to the oil reserves of your country. With more than 15,000 extended family members, it is believed the wealth could be higher. Part of the fortune was made through government contracts and companies that provide services to state-owned companies.


– The Ambani from India: $93.7 billion.

– The familia Wertheimer owner of the fashion house Chanel: 61,800 million dollars.

– The familia Johnson Owner of Fidelity Investments: $61.2 billion.

– The Thompsonowners of Thomson Reuters: $61.1 billion.

– The Boehringer and Von Baumbachheirs to the German pharmaceutical firm Boehringer Ingelheim: $59.2 billion.

– The Cargill y MacMillanof the agricultural company Cargill: 51,600 million dollars.

Albrechtof the Aldi company: 51,000 million dollars.

Lauder, Estée Lauder heirs: $49.3 billion.

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Hoffmann the Coolingfrom the pharmaceutical company Roche: 47.3 billion dollars.

– The Mulliez familyfrom the supermarket chain Auchan: 45.9 billion dollars.

quadheirs of BMW: 42,300 million dollars.

– The Dassaultfrom the aviation and software company Dassault Systemes: $41.9 billion.

Newhousefrom the media firm Advance Publications: $41.6 billion.

– The herederos de Van Damme, De Spoelberch y De Meviusof the brewing company.

Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev): 40.2 billion dollars.

CoxCox Enterprises: $38.6 billion.

– The RausingTetra Laval: $39.5 billion.

– The familia Kwokfrom Sun Hung Kai Properties: $35.6 billion.

Pritzkerof the Hyatt hotels: 35,300 million dollars.

– The Ferreroof the food company Ferrero: 34,500 million dollars.

– The familia JohnsonSC Johnson Cleaning Supplies: $33.8 billion.


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