These are the skills to develop to excel in the future

By Claudia Contreras –

“New technologies will be added to this new education: Internet of things, AI, virtual reality to make environments more profitable. A boy or child will not have to imagine an erupting volcano, but thanks to AI there will be an experience of what is happening ”, said Margarita Morera, director of education for Central America, Panama and Venezuela at Microsoft.

He recalled data from the 2019 SHRM State of the Workplace survey that states that the 83% of surveyed employers have had trouble hiring suitable candidates in the past 12 months, and 50% commented that the skills shortage has worsened in the past two years. For Manpower, the jobs needed before 2030 are related to Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Analytical Reasoning, Digital Intelligence, UX Design (User Interface), Business Analytics. As well as soft skills: emotional intelligence, critical thinking, communication, to enter the world of work and prosper.

Opinion: There will be no return to traditional education

“There are large multinationals that have been working on a model more in objectives where remote work was already easier”Morera pointed out. The challenge is for traditional companies. In those cases, the first step should be digital literacy. For Morera this means that traditional companies are certified in new higher cognitive skills, as well as reinforcing social and emotional skills. This will impact a new type of entrepreneur who seeks to modernize in record time.

Will there be a small course boom in the near future? Morera insists that all academic content must be accompanied by a strategy in favor of the labor market. “A Diploma that consists of four or five small modules, for each module there is certification from the University and from Microsoft as such. Thus, a person can choose a module nothing more, comes out with a title plus Microsoft certification. They are shorter, more agile and content-rich training cycles, more prepared for the market ”, he concluded.

Uses of solutions:

The Technological University of El Salvador use the Teams platform to present the thesis defense. As well as its entire university population: more than 50,000 people.

The National Technological University (Argentina) used Microsoft Teams and Office 365 to continue your academic calendar without interruptions. As of May 31, there were 18,804 active users on said platform and from June 1 to 6, they celebrated Engineering Week through Live Events where more than 7,500 people participated. To date, there are at least 15 students graduated via Teams.

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The educational system in Ecuador was transformed digitally. In the “Let’s learn together at home” program, classes were offered through Microsoft Teams, to promote the construction of an educational model aimed at the hybrid, where digital literacy is taught that allows the closing of the digital divide. To achieve this, the institution created more than 4.3 million positions in Office 365, of which more than 3 million were enabled in just 4 months.

Microsoft Teams was the tool chosen by the Ministry of Education in Costa Rica for conducting virtual classes. 80,000 teachers were trained and a million student accounts were enabled in Teams, all this with the challenge that only 50% of the students in the country have access to the internet. More than 600,000 interactions are registered on the Teams platform, which has transformed the educational landscape in the country.

Marista Group in Brazil adopted Microsoft Teams because they considered it ideal for the operation of online learning, since it allows them to increase live education for more than 30 thousand students. In just two weeks, they were able to take all students to a 100% online environment, with the challenge of also training teachers in the use of this tool to face this new reality.


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