these are toxic fictions ”

Tribune. The essence of ideologies is to distort words to the point of making them say the opposite of what they mean. At the dawn of its third confinement, France would therefore be resolutely installed in the “health dictatorship”. A dictatorship means absolute power exercised by one. First of all, it must be noted that if there is health power, it is at the very least bloated and cacophonous: since March 2020, the speeches of medical authorities in the public debate are at the same time incessant, varied and contradictory. But, above all, they are not decisive, as evidenced by the power of the defense council, which always decides in the last instance and always out of sync on the substance as on the calendar with the opinions of the scientific council. Funny dictatorship that where the decisions of the dictators remain a dead letter.

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Are these decisions of the defense council based on a superior sanitary reason? There is every reason to doubt it: during the first wave of spring and even more so the second from which we have barely emerged and which was even more deadly, it was the economic wait-and-see attitude that prevailed and deferred the decisions of containment, leading to make them drastic. The index of the severity of economic and social restrictions from the University of Oxford thus shows that between the end of June and the end of October, on the eve of the re-containment, no decision to limit sanitary conditions was taken. was taken in France, if not to relax the traffic rules in force. Four months of inaction during which the virus has spread to the four corners of the country, widely open to tourist flows, followed by a month of confinement with a severity index of 80%.

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This is exactly the scenario emerging for the third wave of winter: neglect followed by brutality. This is the literal meaning of the “state of health emergency” regime, which allows the government to take hasty authoritarian decisions for lack of anticipation, as New Zealand does remarkably well, including the Prime Minister. keeps reminding people that the best economic policy is good health policy.

Imaginary enemies

However, the third invalidation of the doxa, once a strict and prolonged confinement has been imposed, made inevitable by a lack of anticipation, health is a second time sacrificed with the deprivation of social ties which are the source of the psychological balance of human beings and form the heart of their humanity. Funny health dictatorship that where health is seen as an adjustment variable.

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