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these caregivers were however all triply vaccinated

A vaccination pass rather than a health pass or a Covid Safe Ticket to access leisure activities and Hospitality: the idea is gaining ground with us, it will apply in France from January 15th. As the name suggests, the pass From now on, it can only be activated with a complete vaccination schedule and no longer with a simple negative test.

An idea that clearly goes in the direction of an obligation to vaccinate, but does it still have a health meaning with the arrival of Omicron? It was already allowed to doubt with the first data concerning “the vaccine escape” of the variant, a very recent study from Novège comes to reinforce these doubts: during a private party where all the guests had received three doses of vaccines, two-thirds of the guests were infected that same evening.

The study, published in preprint, analyzes what is called a “super-contamination” event that occurred in early December in the Faroe Islands. 33 people, all healthcare workers, attended a private meeting. Several participants noticed symptoms over the next few days and took a PCR test, which came back positive. The other participants then also performed PCR tests, and as many as 21 of the 33 participants were found to be positive.

All symptomatic but no hospitalization

This unusually high “attack rate” led the chief medical officer to request the sequencing of the genome of the virus … and this is how Omicron was first identified on the island. However, it turns out that all the infected participants not only were vaccinated but had all received their booster dose during the previous two and a half months. All had also tested negative within 36 hours of the rally.

All reported cases were symptomatic:The most common symptoms were muscle and joint pain, fatigue and fever. None were admitted to hospital. The authors conclude that the Omicron variant can lead to super-spread events even in people triple vaccinated, and therefore the continued importance of social distancing and avoiding large, festive gatherings during the pandemic to prevent possible super events. -spread. They also emphasize la shorter incubation period for Omicron than for previous variants.

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