These classic cars drove through Sarnen at the weekend

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Despite cancellation of the event

The classic car meeting in Obwalden had to be canceled this year. Nevertheless, a number of car lovers headed to Sarnen with their old sledges.

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Countless classic cars like this were on the road in Sarnen on Pentecost weekend.

Ruedi Müller

The Oldtimers event in Obwalden was canceled.

The Oldtimers event in Obwalden was canceled.

Ruth Iseli

However, many car fans made a pilgrimage to the largest Swiss classic car meeting.

However, many car fans made a pilgrimage to the largest Swiss classic car meeting.

Ruth Iseli

  • The event Oldtimer in Obwalden was canceled.
  • Nevertheless, countless car fans traveled to Sarnen with their classic cars at the end of the week.
  • The police are satisfied and did not have to intervene.

Oldtimer in Obwalden is the largest classic car meeting in Switzerland. Every year, Oltimer fans from all over Switzerland make a pilgrimage to Sarnen to showcase their antique bodies. In 2019, around 560 cars were in the classic car mecca, says the organizer Ruedi Müller.

Oldtimer meeting took place unofficially

This year the meeting had to be canceled due to the ban on major events. However, since the restaurants reopened on May 11, Müller invited the Oltimer fans to come to Sarnen on an individual basis last Saturday. “What good is it if the restaurants are open but nobody comes?” He asks. After clarification with the authorities, Müller received the green light for his idea. However, strict compliance with the BAG measures was stipulated. The car fans were allowed to drive to Sarnen on their own.

“Not all registered participants had canceled their hotel bookings, some even arrived on Friday,” says Müller. How many classic cars were present this year is also difficult for Müller to estimate. The cars were parked too scattered. “Especially on Saturday, however, there was a lot of vintage car activity in Sarnen and the surrounding area,” he says, estimating the cars present to be between 100 and 250 units in the two days.

Police are happy

“It was no comparison to other years,” says Stefan Küchler from Kapo Obwalden: Normally, all of Sarnen had to be blocked for the classic cars. This was not the case this year since there was no official meeting. Although the classic cars were noticed, the whole thing went smoothly from a police point of view, says Küchler. There were no large crowds anywhere and the police did not have to intervene.

The restaurateurs were also satisfied, says Müller: “The wallet sits relatively loosely in the pocket of the classic car community.” The wonderful Pentecost weather also contributed to the fact that the car fans stayed on the outer surfaces of the stains a little longer than usual.


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