These haircuts were made for elegant women

Hair is the maximum distinctive of a beauty look. It is so important that you can wear a simple outfit, where you mane provide that bonus that we often need, but we don’t know how to get it. Therefore, on this occasion, we set ourselves the task of remembering which are the more elegant haircuts that we have seen.

It must be accepted that a mullet – of debatable aesthetics – is not the same as wearing classic layers to the Kate Middleton. Even several of the trends in haircuts 2021 They refer to that elegance that is so sought after when it comes to getting dressed.

With that said let’s talk about those haircuts that are as elegant as a ‘little black dress’.

What are the best haircuts for elegant women?

Soft layers

© Samir Hussein.
Kate Middleton has known, for a long time, how to master long layers.

If anyone knows how to wear layers gracefully it is Kate Middleton, who has increased or decreased the length of his mane over the years, but his hallmark is the long layers, framing your face at the level of the chin and descending with distinction to. The key to the duchess of cambridge is combing your ends inward, making the curve of your locks look really pronounced.

Bob con fleco

Anna Wintour and her classic straight bob.

© Karwai Tang
Anna Wintour and her classic straight bob.

The twenties-inspired bob that Anna Wintour He has been one of the most elegant in the beauty scene since he was 14 years old. The editor’s addition to Vogue US is in the straight fringe brushing her eyebrows and its secret to making it look so sophisticated is that it is practically pristine, perfectly symmetrical, straight, with no hair out of place.

Curtain fringe

Although he is fussy to comb his hair, the curtain fringe always confers a sophisticated essence to the face, framing it in the most flattering way possible. Take as an example Anne Hathaway, who recently replicated her fringe she wore in The Devil Wears Prada during the promotion of his new movie, Locked Down. 14 years after this iconic fashion tape, the curtain flock the bardot, does not lose its charm and looks very chic hairstyle with a ponytail.

Straight shoulder bob

The shoulder and straight haircut is a trend in street style.

© Jonathan Daniel Pryce.
The shoulder and straight haircut is a trend in street style.

There is a common agreement among fashion connoisseurs in the street style of the main capitals of the world: It seems that the perfect haircut that shoulder height, neither more nor less, but not only that, the straighter, the more elegant, especially if you wear it straight, straight, or, you make an interesting game with the ends, combing them in or out. The key is that the millimeter straightness in the tips is very noticeable.

Pixie elegante

A woman with Chinese hair and a pixie cut in London.

© Jonathan Daniel Pryce.
A woman with Chinese hair and a pixie cut in London.

El pixie It is one of the most multifaceted cuts that exist, as it can be worn with a hint of rebellion, adding multiple layers and a tousled effect, or it can be done extremely classic as at some point pioneers like Audrey Hepburn. The truth is that it can look very elegant when worn so that your mane look very neat and functional. Also, it’s one of those easy to style cuts.

XL and falling into ‘V’

XL hair can have an elegant touch if you wear it with a 'V' fall.

© Acielle StyleDuMonde
XL hair can have an elegant touch if you wear it with a ‘V’ fall.

If short hair is not your thing, we have a good option for you, direct from street style: Un XL with drop in ‘V’, This means that the tips will fall forming a inverted triangle, an effect that usually add movement, but it reduces heaviness, which generates a flattering effect of sophisticated freedom to any hair.

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