These increasingly radical Republican elected officials who sit in Washington Congress

They are called Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene or Madison Cawthorn. Unabashed Trumpists, followers of conspiracy theories and staunch supporters of carrying weapons, they are ready to do anything to make people talk about them.

On January 13, the day the Washington House of Representatives voted very solemnly on Donald Trump’s second impeachment, Lauren Boebert, a young Republican MP from Colorado, distinguished herself by refusing to comply with the reinforced security system put in place after the invasion of Capitol Hill by pro-Trump supporters.

Barely ten days after the start of her mandate, she “Does everything to be noticed”, note it New York Times, and to ensure that its positions “Anti-establishment, pro-guns and that its defense of conspiracy theories be visible and heard”.

New extreme faction

She’s not the only one of her kind: Republican Georgia MP Marjorie Taylor Greene, avowed follower of conspiracy theory QAno, and the very young Republican MP for North Carolina, Madison Crawford, are also part of this “New faction of the Republican Party, much more extreme, for which refusing to bend to the rules and making it known is their political raison d’être”.

Lauren Boebert, like Madison Crawford, prides himself on never leaving his firearm, including in Congress buildings, which is however prohibited.


Lauren Boebert even found herself at the center of a violent controversy for having tweeted live, during the assault on the Capitol on January 6, information on the exfiltration of the Democratic President of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, detail it Boston Globe.

Faced with calls for her resignation, she refused to admit her wrongdoing and even went on the offensive by accusing Democrats of“hypocrisy […] and wanting to punish Republicans by falsely accusing them of inciting the same type of violence that Democrats have so often supported in the past ”, explains the Boston daily.

On January 13, during the debates on the impeachment of Donald Trump in the House of Representatives, she put the cover back, underlines the New York Times, by declaring: “What do we do with the responsibility of the left for having encouraged and normalized violence?”

She was referring in particular to the fact that “Democrats tolerated the protests against police violence and for racial justice last summer”, specifies the New York daily. And the Republican MP from Colorado concluded:

To me that is bullshit when I hear Democrats calling for unity. ”

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