these invisible heroes of the pandemic

They are employed in hospitals, universities, schools or even in offices, for an average salary of 667 euros per month. Since the arrival of the pandemic in Italy, maintenance workers have been discreetly on the front line in the fight against Covid-19. Now they are demanding that their efforts be paid for.

“Their work begins when the others are still asleep, and can continue until late afternoon. 70 % of them are women who earn very little money, and if everyone decided to stop, the whole country would be blocked. ”

This “Army of the invisible” to which L’Espresso pays tribute is that of the Italian housekeepers. A contingent of 600,000 people working, incessantly, to sanitize the country’s living and working spaces. An invisible bulwark against the spread of the epidemic which, failing to be celebrated like hospital staff, now demands fairer remuneration.

Indeed, as the Roman weekly explains, the average salary for these workers is 667 euros per month. Very low remuneration therefore, which is more in view of the risks incurred during this period,



Founded in 1955 by Eugenio Scalfari, who later created The Republic, the title quickly established itself as the great center-left weekly. It belongs to the Piedmontese industrialist Carlo De Benedetti, who also owns


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