these oligopolies that the NMD wants to break

DAt the start of the report, the CSMD identified oligopolies as one of the systemic nodes holding back development. “The regulatory inadequacies of certain sectors reinforce oligopolistic postures and anti-competitive practices, making it difficult for new players to enter.”, Slices the document submitted by Chakib Benmoussa to King Mohammed VI on May 25. In the absence of clear regulation, the Moroccan economy remains sclerotic by oligopolies. The latest case, the price cartel in the hydrocarbon sector, was not addressed by the CSMD report. However, the Benmoussa commission called for the opening up of competition in two specific sectors: finance and telecoms.

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Without going back on the enormous delay accumulated by Morocco in Internet access, the CSMD recommends the continuation of investment in infrastructure, in order to reduce the digital divide and reduce the “white zones” …

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