these practices could soon be charged to them, “we can do it and we will do it” (video)

On social networks, many tips explaining how to board with a lot of luggage without paying additional fees are emerging. These tricks include removing the stuffing from a pillow and replacing it with clothing or wearing multiple layers of clothing during the flight.

The airline Ryanair then bounced back on these videos by publishing these various tips. In the caption, she specifies that she will start charging additional fees to passengers who try these tricks. “We can and we will,” says Ryanair.

“Cervical pillow: €5. Triple layers: €17.50. Cabin pillow: €24.99. Emotional baggage €0.00,” she jokes. The video has been viewed 1.4 million times, with some netizens pleading with Ryanair not to. “Have mercy, I’m broke,” says one person. “Okay I’m avoiding Ryanair from now on,” wrote another. It remains to be seen whether travelers will now dare to use this kind of tricks on their next flight.

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