These three facets of the coronavirus that you may not have heard of

After a year of hearing about the coronavirus almost every day, after two lockdowns, after perhaps having fallen ill yourself, you think you know what to do with the Covid-19 ? Dr Jimmy Mohamed, general practitioner and co-presenter of the health program of Europe 1, Sans Rendez-vous, from Monday to Friday from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., reveals three elements on the disease that you may not have had. not be heard of yet.

What is a “super-contaminator”?

In theory, a patient with coronavirus can contaminate, in the absence of barrier gestures, two to three people. Which, in turn, risk contaminating two to three more.

In reality, some patients will infect one or two people, or even none. And the chain of transmission of the virus will die out. But, for some reason scientists do not yet understand, some patients will infect 10, 20 or even 30 people. They are “super-contaminators”.

At the moment, it is impossible to identify them. Some of them are even asymptomatic. However, they are carriers of a huge amount of viruses. “That is why we have to be masked at all times, even when there are no symptoms,” advises Dr Jimmy Mohamed.

These “super-contaminators” need “super events” to spread the virus. These are typically bars and restaurants, gyms or family events, wedding or birthday party types. This is why these places are closed and these gatherings are prohibited. Dr Mohamed also calls for the utmost vigilance when deconfinement begins.

Wear a mask at home when you are sick

If you are sick with the coronavirus and are in quarantine at home with other people, Dr Mohamed recommends wearing a mask, even indoors.

In fact, by wearing a mask, you decrease the viral load, that is to say the quantity of virus, that you transmit. You may thus avoid infecting your loved ones. And if they still fall ill, “they would do a less severe form”, assures Dr. Jimmy Mohamed.

In the event of psychiatric disorders, consult quickly

An American study, involving 60,000 coronavirus patients, showed that within 3 months, 20% of them develop psychiatric disorders, such as mood disorders, anxiety disorders or insomnia.

This is why, if you have caught the Covid and you experience symptoms of depression, anxiety or sleep disturbances, do not hesitate to consult professionals to help you.

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