These Zodiacs Choose Friends Over Their Own Partners, Are You Included?

Sonora.ID – Have you ever heard this song, “Friendship For cocoons, turning a caterpillar into a butterfly, friendship is like a cocoon, something that doesn’t easily turn into a beautiful one, friendship is like a cocoon. friend face the difference. Surely this song is familiar to your ears.

Friendship between friends is indeed very different from a relationship with a lover, those are two things that are so clearly different.

Indeed, choosing between friends or boyfriend, would be a difficult choice for you. Some people may choose partner them than friends. However, there are also those who are more willing to lose their girlfriend than to lose their best friend. Friends cannot replace any relationship for them.

It turns out that based on astrology there are several signs Zodiacwho choose their friendship over their lover alone. Who are they? Come on, see more as follows.

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Starting with Taurus, There is no denying the fact that friendship has a special place in the heart of Taurus. However, their partner may feel belittled when they realize that a Taurus values ​​and prioritizes childhood friendships or best friends over their relationship.

Then Leo, A Leo is always looking for social validation, maybe this is the reason why their friendship with co-workers and even acquaintances is highly valued.

Leo’s boyfriend or partner may often complain that they never take Leo’s advice, but Leos are quick to act on friend suggestions and recommendations.

This is partly because a Leo wants to please the people in their social circle.

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