They accuse Jenny Rivera’s daughter of having interfered with a COMMITTED man

The family of Jenny Rivera It has been seen in many uncomfortable moments in recent years and now it seems to add another one in the middle of the family environment.

Now, the woman named is Jacqie Rivera, who is the daughter of the deceased singer Jenny Rivera, and that he has now entered the polemic for an accusation that exists against him.

The woman was implicated through a video of TikTok, where a woman named Itzamar Narro is the one who has accused her of having interfered with her husband.

Narro pointed out that Jacqie Rivera became involved in a significant way in a relationship in which it affected not only the stability of the couple, but also the son they have between Narro and her husband.

When did the infidelity occur?

According to the narration that was made about the event, Narro affirmed that the infidelity would have occurred about three years ago, where he found the messages.

In the end, all this has been made public and what is most striking is that in an episode of the series “The Riveras”, Jacqie confessed that she was unfaithful to Mike Campos, who was her husband.


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