They accuse Lorenzo Córdova of promoting the march with INE resources; he responds with photo

Mario Llergo, deputy of Morena, reported that this Thursday he filed a complaint with the Internal Control Body (OIC) of the National Electoral Institute (INE) against the President Counselor of that body, Lorenzo Cordova Vianellofor alleged diversion of resources.

“We believe that he has incurred in administrative responsibilities of public servants to promote the last march that different opposition political parties made in recent days,” he declared.

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The also representative of that party before the INE, showed as evidence that of Twitter of the INE in which a publication is observed that promotes the March on November 13as well as videos of Córdova Vianello recorded at the INE facilities.

“They use the institutional Twitter account of the INE to promote the march, from our point of view this is sufficient reason to be subject to a sanction, resources that belong to all Mexicans were used,” he concluded, without giving more details about the amounts of the alleged detour.

Lorenzo Córdova responds to a complaint

Through his Twitter account, the President of the INE, shows in photographs that the call for the march In defense of the INE He did it with his cell phone and personal tripod.

“Here are some photos of the recording of that day, with my personal cell phone (I don’t have another), my tripod (it’s old) and my iPad,” wrote Córdova.

However, in his letter he does not clarify the reason for the use of the institution and the official account to call for the march on November 13.

With information from Enrique Gomez

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