They accuse Pinilla of converting a condominium into a “reel and drug den” – Publimetro Chile

The “Good weekend” for Mauricio Pinilla would be coming to an end. This after the various controversies that he has starred in, after his separation of 20 years of marriage with Gisella Gallardo and living the crazy life in his single apartment, -located in the exclusive Santa Teresa de Lo Barnechea condominium, the same one where Tonka Tomícic lives. – and his neighbors no longer want to know anything more about him, according to a message leaked by the medium to the journalist Sergio Rojas, who shared the image with Publimetro.

It was during the live “What do I tell you” that he performs every Sunday on his Instagram, that the “Me Late Prime” panelist read the text sent by one of the residents, calling on the TVN entertainer to turn the condo into a “whorehouse, reel and drug den”.

“You die in the condominium chat, all the people claiming for Pinilla’s reels, it’s a den of whoredoms, drugs and reels. They use all visitor parking lots.” says part of the message.

“We want him to go away”

In the text, the resident accuses that the neighbors are bored with the former soccer player’s behavior and all they want is for him to leave the place.

“Yesterday Gala was the hostess, the friend’s fagot, other soccer players and kid boys. We are flat with the reels of the weón. This is a condominium of decent and normal people. We want him to go away.” sentenced.

This funa is added to the controversial video that the scort Natthy Chilena broadcast when she attended the Pinilla department. In a video circulating on the web, the woman is seen bare-chested, while behind her back a man (apparently the player) has sex with another woman.

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It was at the beginning of September, when the woman shared the images on her Instagram account under the slogan “a cool address”. She there she was shown arriving at the ex-soccer player’s new apartment in Lo Barnechea, and then with him sitting, listening to music, but with another girl.

His followers immediately began to ask him about the TVN host, and the model also seems to have regretted it and denied that he was with the former blue striker.

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