They accuse YosStop, a Mexican youtuber, of possessing child pornography

This week it was known that Yoseline Hoffman, better known on social networks as ‘YosStop’, for her character on YouTube, was involved in a complaint for possession of child pornography, due to a video that she commented in 2018.

The young Ainara Suarez He was the one who denounced the Mexican youtuber after having commented on his channel a video in which she was beaten by other girls. Right there, the ‘influencer’ confessed that she saw a video in which the young Ainara, who at that time was 16 years old, She was sexually assaulted with a bottle of champagne in her private parts and shared the messages that Suarez supposedly sent with the same young women with whom she fought.

Although that happened three years ago, about a year ago, that Ainara Suárez made a video on TikTok in which she once again exposed the difficult situation she experienced due to that fight, the intimate video and the dissemination that it had thanks to the publication of Hoffman, who has millions of followers in all his social networks.

From that moment, the FemXFem civil association contacted the young Suárez and began a process that ended in a legal accusation against ‘YosStop’ for the crime of possession and distribution of child pornography.

In the video published by the ‘youtuber’, entitled “Pathetic generation”, Yosselin criticizes everything: the fight between the girls, the discussion on WhatsApp and Ainara’s sexual video, bullying, the reaction of parents, among other things.

Denuncia a Yoselin Hoffman

In the document presented to the Mexican press there is evidence that The ‘influencer’ is denounced because she mentioned the fight and the video of a sexual nature on her YouTube channel.

The four young people who also appear in the video of Ainara using the champagne bottle as a sexual object are implicated in the same complaint. This intimate act took place in the middle of a party that occurred on May 25, 2018, while all the minors involved were in an obvious state of drunkenness.

Ainara’s words about this video

The young woman, who is already 19 years old, spoke on a Mexican program about what her life has been like since then. “I don’t remember what happened, but I was raped by four people with a bottle and that totally changed my life, “he said.

Regarding that fight, which became very viral and had a great impact in Mexico, he recalled that “it was because we all began to insult each other by saying things to me and I defended myself in a very silly way.”

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About the ‘youtuber’ he expressed that “In 2018 I tried looking for it, but it never answered the message and it blocked me. I would just ask you to stop judging people for a video you came across because you did not just do it with me, but with so many more. Since I reported, I have received messages from other girls who also suffered the same. You don’t need to judge or denigrate people to get views“.

YosStop also responded to the complaint

Yosselin Hoffman has had two responses since this complaint was made public, which has had a great impact in Mexico. In his social networks he published some statements in which he assures that “they wanted to involve me in a crime that I did not commit.”

A few days ago she made a transmission with a young feminist and there she had referred to that episode with the sexual images that she never published, but she did have in her possession.

“I don’t keep those things. I see them and I erase them, I see what they send and if I see that it is something like that, I erase it. I can’t do anything because I don’t even know who he is … no (he knew the victim’s name), at least I did not know who the people in the video were, they send me things, I see them, I read them, I analyze them and give my opinion, but it’s not like I know who they are, “he explained.

Although he remembered that She made a criticism of the bullying and the aggressions, she also accepted that she could approach Ainara, but she did not do it because she saw other images in which several people recorded the sexual act.

“A show was only put on to get a following and to get attention. I don’t think people normally do that (talk about rape to get a following), but she did … I don’t have them, I’ve already deleted them, but I got a lot of evidence that everything he said was a lie, “he said.


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