They advance judicial inspection to the Registrar’s Office of Soledad

A special commission of the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, headed by the National Registrar, Alexander Vega, and the Attorney General of the Nation, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, took the Soledad Registry Office, the afternoon of this Friday, in which they carried out a simultaneous judicial inspection.

In the diligence, which took about 4 hours, a specialized team from the CTI of the Prosecutor’s Office collected documents, videos, interviews and other evidence in order to identify the alleged perpetrators of these acts of corruption that they would be committing crimes against the public faith, for the alleged issuance of identity documents and citizenship cards to foreigners (from Venezuela) who are in national territory and who would pretend to participate in electoral contests in the country.

The judicial proceeding was carried out after EL HERALDO revealed, last Sunday, through a testimony of a person, how the files of the Soledad Registry are located to the migrants, according to their surnames, “A Colombian parent” so that they obtain the identity card or the civil registry that allows them to access Colombian nationality.

“In a joint effort with the Prosecutor’s Office, the false records granted to foreigners had been audited. The determination was made after a complaint from EL HERALDO. We arrived today (yesterday) to take a shot and change the special registers, ”Vega said in a scoop to this medium.

Officials removed

In the middle of the diligence, the official affirmed that the special registrars of that headquarters were removed from their positions and announced the suspension of care in this, while the authorities advance with the investigations.

“In the XXI century Registrar’s Office we are committed to fighting head-on against corruption within the entity. I appreciate the harmonious work with the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, as well as the role of our internal disciplinary processes, which facilitated the operation today (yesterday), ”said the registrar, who also stated that it is being reviewed if there is complicity of some officials of this headquarters and other offices in the Atlantic.

Servants allegedly linked to these irregular activities must face disciplinary procedures within the National Registry of Civil Status and judicial processes in charge of the Attorney General’s Office.

Vega also highlighted that “This is a practice that has been used by nationals and transnationals that use the testimony of any person to register someone and stay as Colombian at once. This is organized crime, and we are going to purify the electoral system and take care of the identification of Colombians and above all prevent the same officials from lending themselves to criminal activities ”.

This action is part of the strategy defined by the Attorney General of the Nation, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, to clarify the acts of corruption that affect the trust of citizens in the State and the institutions that represent it.

“This is a message, because this case, like so many others that are being presented in different parts of the country, will have the action of the entities; in this case, with the Registrar’s Office or with the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic, so that people feel that justice is concrete. We at the Office of the Prosecutor speak with results, ”said the Attorney General.

The details of the testimony

According to the testimony that this media received, an alleged official asked the interested parties for the original and apostilled Venezuelan birth certificate, in addition $ 1,200,000 to be able to carry out the procedure.

“The woman would search within the archives of the Registry for a person who, due to her age, could be my mother or my father; then, she would make a civil registry where she would put that person as one of my parents; once I had that document, I would automatically be Colombian and could access the ID. For that other document he had to pay another amount, it was $ 500,000 “, details the man who gave his testimony and to whom this medium had access.

That is, if a Venezuelan with the surname Ramírez contacted the alleged official, she would look for a man or a woman with that surname and make him or her pass as her father or mother to do all the procedure covered in article 96 of the Political Constitution , since this establishes that they are Colombian nationals “The children of a Colombian father or mother who were born in a foreign land and then domiciled in Colombian territory or registered in a consular office of the Republic.”

In the middle of the diligence, the national registrar assured that the internal audits and evaluations will continue in the border registry offices, in order to guarantee transparency in the identification processes and so that the electoral processes that will be carried out in the future are not affected. in the country.


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