they announce what will happen to the 4×1000

In the tax reform being analyzed and created by Gustavo Petro’s advisersand of which there is still no final document to say how they are going to raise the 50 billion pesos that they have estimated to comply with all the projects, It seems that it will not be contemplated to eliminate this charge.

The 4 x 1,000 arrived in Colombia in 1998, a momentary measure that is maintained to this day and many inhabitants of the country hoped that with the arrival of a new government their collection would end definitively.

Nevertheless, José Antonio Campo admitted that this does not seem likely to happenalthough he did make it clear that there will be other important modifications, such as the elimination of the Day without VATamong other decisions.

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Tax reform by Gustavo Petro: what will happen to the 4 x 1,000

In an interview with El Tiempo, the Minister of Finance who will take office on August 7 and does part of the connection team with the outgoing government responded about the future of this charge.

“It will be maintained, there is no way to replace it”, was what Campo said about this hated charge that they make to thousands of people in your savings accounts every time they withdraw money from the ATM or make other bank movements.

Although not everyone pays them because there are some accounts that are exempt from this chargethere are many Colombians who have spent years paying part of their money in this way.

Campo also spoke about the arrival of new taxes, such as the so-called green or healthy ones, and pointed out that they will be subordinated because “we have to see what they are and that they do not negatively affect the popular sectors”.

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As was said, there are other issues that are still under discussion about what the tax reform will have. According to what the next Minister of Finance said, to increase the wealth tax, to the dividends of the companies, tax pensions that exceed 10 million pesosamong other decisions will continue to be analyzed.

What he did make clear is that they expect to arrive with everything and much of this project ready to the day of possession so that the congressmen analyze it, discuss it and reach a consensus that allows them to put it into operation in the first year of Gustavo Petro’s mandate.

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