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Authorities in the United States are looking for a man nicknamed ‘Merry Christmas Jay’ (Merry Christmas Jay, in Spanish). who would entered an establishment to save the lives of 24 people during the snowfall that plague this side of the continent.

According to local media, this man was driving when he got stuck in the snow. After spending the night in his vehicle, he ran out of fuel and decided to find a safe haven.

After walking a few meters, he found the Pine Hill School in Cheektowaga, east of Buffalo, and had to break a window to get inside. Once safe, he decided to leave the facilities again and look for people who were in the same condition.

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In his first attempt to rescue people, he found a couple of drivers inside their cars and convinced them to go to the school, after a few minutes. manages to admit more than 24 people to the institution, including several older adults.

‘Merry Christmas Jay’, went out several times and saved as many people as he could. The refugees took some food from the cafeteria and watched TV on the school TVs.

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Before leaving the establishment with the mission accomplished, Jay left a note apologizing for the damage caused:

“To Whom It May Concern: I am so sorry that I broke the school glass and trespassed in the cafeteria. We got stuck at 8pm Friday and slept my truck with 2 strangers trying not to die. There were 7 elderly people who were also trapped and out of gas. I had to do what was necessary to save them all and give them shelter, food and a bathroom. Merry Christmas Jay.”

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After seeing the heroism of this man, the United States authorities want to find him to congratulate him. The Cheektowaga Police Twitter account reads: “We want to thank “Jay” for his heroic actions that saved people’s lives.”

The story had a happy ending, as the group of rescued people managed to identify their hero and now “everyone is like a family and they are planning a summer reunion.”

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