they are stuck in a hotel-prison in Rhodes for a positive test at the airport!

What was supposed to be a nice mini-trip with friends, on the beautiful island of Rhodes in Greece, is turning into a nightmare. “We organized this trip to celebrate Gaëtan’s 35th birthday,” says Romain. We had of course all been tested in Belgium 72 hours in advance. We were all negative and we had received the QR Code to take off. “

As soon as they arrive at noon on Tuesday at the airport, like all passengers from Belgium, they are obliged to undergo a new test. The transfer to their hotel follows and the six friends spend two beautiful days in the sun. But Thursday morning, phone call from Greek Civil Protection: “Gaëtan has tested positive, we must all be quarantined for eight days. They will come and pick us up to stay in a hotel dedicated for this purpose! “

►► They tell their ordeal in this “hotel-prison”.


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