They arrest nine suspects for the Andreani robbery, but they recover very little money

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The investigation into the violent robbery suffered by businessman Oscar Andreani (79) at his ranch in San Pedro advanced very quickly: about 96 hours later, the Buenos Aires Police announced the arrest of eight suspects who would be related to the case.

The defendants are between 22 and 61 years old and were arrested during a series of raids requested by the prosecutor María del Valle Viviani, in charge of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) No. 7 of San Pedro. The clue that led to the alleged perpetrators arose from the analysis of the security cameras in the area.

According to the spokespersons, the same men who participated in the coup at Andreani’s ranch, who was robbed of a large sum of money -among other items of value-, would have committed another robbery in a rural establishment in the area, from where 130 chickens were taken.

The robbery was recorded by the security cameras of the place and the investigators immediately related the facts because the criminals were wearing the same clothes. According to the investigators, some of these garments were seized in the nine raids that were carried out last morning, along with other evidence that supports the accusation of the crime of “aggravated robbery in a town and in a gang.”

The spokesmen highlighted the discovery of sackcloth bags similar to those used by the criminals to take the different items of value that they took from the ranch.

Although it was only reported that the authors seized a significant sum of money, very little cash was recovered in the operations: about 25,000 pesos and one hundred dollars, which were found in different homes.

The largest amount of money – which is still little – was in a house in Bajo Tala Callejón Iglesias, where a 59-year-old subject nicknamed Juancho was arrested. There, according to the sources, 20,000 pesos in cash and a cell phone were seized, which will be analyzed to verify the link with the rest of the accused and their latest movements.

On Calle Independencia at 2200, Lucas, alias “Bolillón”, a 33-year-old man, was arrested in whose possession they found a pistol magazine, 15 cartridges of different calibers, a handy with police frequency, clothing allegedly used in the fact under investigation. , three cell phones and one hundred dollars.

Another of the detainees, 25 years old and identified as Gastón, “alias Pololo”, had the same shoes that one of the authors used in the act, a flashlight with an electric prod and three burlap bags similar to those used to transport the elements. stolen. Those same bags were also seized in the operation carried out in the area of ​​the tosquera on the way to the dump, where William S., 22, was arrested.

Finally, at the home of Juan Nicolás (26), known by the nickname “Perra”, the officers found 28 telephone sets, a Long CTG brand 32-caliber revolver and four cartridges.

The spokesmen pointed out that apparently eight of the nine arrested suspects would be related to the robbery suffered by the businessman, while the remaining one – 61 years old and delayed in the search carried out in the house of William S. – could be accused of the crime. cover-up.

However, the sources clarified that the roles they played in the coup against Andreani are still unclear. About a hundred officers from different departments participated in the procedures.

A nightmare. The businessman was assaulted on Monday morning when he was resting at his La Santina ranch in the San Pedro district, which is located at kilometer 151 of National Route 9.

At least seven armed criminals broke in for the purpose of robbery. The first thing they did was take the landlord, his wife, and their little 3-year-old daughter hostage, handcuffing them and pointing firearms at them. Then they went to the house where Andreani and his family were.

The robbery was not very long, but from the businessman’s environment they stated that he was “shocked” by the difficult situation he experienced (see separate). Despite the fact that the investigators advanced with the arrest of the suspects, there are several points that remain to be known: for example, the money that the criminals took and if it was a planned or random hit. In principle, and based on the evidence gathered, everything would suggest that it was an improvised event.

In shock

Oscar Andreani, the owner of the logistics group that bears his last name, was shocked after the armed assault on his ranch in San Pedro.

As revealed by Alejandro Pozzo, general manager of the company, it was a normal robbery situation but the businessman was affected, although he clarified that he is in good health.

Pozzo clarified that it was not a hostage taking and pointed out that they are trying to find out if the hit was planned or random. What he did not specify is the amount stolen, a fact that is not known so far.

Regarding the place where the robbery occurred, the manager specified that it is used by the Andreani family to rest and that both the house and that of the landlords have their security and prevention system, something that evidently failed on Monday morning, when at At least seven criminals managed to enter and take money and different items of value.

The Andreani company is a conglomerate of Argentine capital firms that seeks to provide specialized logistics solutions by activity segment and whose operations reach the Brazilian market.

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