They arrest one of the police officers involved in shooting minors in the center of the Sename in Talcahuano | National

Video capture | Franco Hernández | RBB


On Thursday afternoon, the arrest of one of the carabinieri involved in the sweep the two minors of a Sename home in Talcahuano.

It would be the second sergeant, John Mograve Villegas.

Mograve Villegas was arrested by an order of the Talcahuano Guarantee Judge, at the request of the prosecutor Julian Muñoz.

This arrest warrant is based on Article 150 of the Penal Code, which speaks of Illegitimate Torment or Coercion.

The second sergeant is being held at the Investigation Police headquarters in Talcahuano. From the PDI they indicated that no statements will be delivered.

The facts

The facts known so far reveal that at around 5:00 p.m. this Wednesday, SAMU officials arrived at the Carlos Mancera home in Talcahuano for a minor who was unbalanced.

The health workers requested the presence of Carabineros officials, moments in which the confusing incidents started.

Two minors they ended up shot by the officials, while three police officers were injured.

At the moment the details of how the events occurred specificallyHowever, the Sename questioned the use of firearms, which was also criticized by various organizations and parliamentarians.

Carabineros has not yet officially clarified what caused the shooting of adolescents, in a fact that without going any further culminated in the resignation of the institution’s director general, Mario Rozas.


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