They arrested a Min-Salud employee for selling supplies and medicines

The Cicpc detained an employee of the Ministry of Health for allegedly illicitly marketing supplies and medicines intended for free distribution, sources from the security agency said.

The detainee is Ámbar Jasmín Vargas Hernández (39), pharmacy coordinator at the “Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías” general hospital, located in El Vigía (Mérida). The scientific police had been monitoring the pharmacist Vargas Hernández and detected that she was selling drugs and supplies taken from the aforementioned health center, according to the sources.

Based on these initial information, officials from the El Vigía Municipal Delegation raided the residence of the official where they located a batch of supplies and medicines whose labels said “institutional use” and “free distribution.”

The seized included:

-Five units of 500ml isotonic sodium chloride solution

-From 2,400,000 IU penicillin units

-Three penicillin units of 1,200,000 IU

-24 units of Ibuprofen of 800mg

-40 units of 10mg Loratadine

-60 units of 850mg Metformin

-Eight 50mg Betafortan units

-370 units of Metrodinazole 500mg

-40 units of 10 mg Cetirizine

-20 units of * Meloxicam * of 7.5mg w / u.

-80 units of * Acetaminophen * of 500mg each.

-Two Betamethasone units of 4mg / 1 ml

-30 units of 100mg Acetylsalicylic Acid

-40 units of Orvastarina of 20mb

-Three pre-printed invoice formats.

The 6th Prosecutor of the Public Ministry opened an investigation in this regard.

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