News They ask for seven years in jail for the...

They ask for seven years in jail for the alleged perpetrator of sexual abuse in “GH 18”


The case of the alleged sexual abuse of the young Carlota Prado in «GH 18» continues her way in the courts. After the decree of the judge of the opening of the oral trial, according to El Confidencial, the accusation asks José María López seven years in jail for a crime of aggravated sexual abuse, his disqualification to be elected for the time of the sentence, as well such as the ban on communicating and approaching Carlota Prado Alonso less than 500 meters away, also for a period of seven years. It also asks to impose the measure of probation for the same period.

With regard to compensation, the private prosecution asks for 100,000 euros for moral damages, and includes Zeppelin Televisión, producer of “Big Brother” as the subsidiary civil officer. The insurer will also respond as direct civilian responsible for this amount, according to the digital. This amount will depend on the forensic expert opinion on the victim, as well as the determination of moral damage, again by an expert appointed for this purpose among those who are authorized in the community of Madrid to assess bodily harm.

On the other hand, the private prosecution also asks Zeppelin to compensate Carlota Prado Alonso with an additional 100,000 euros, for which the defendant will not respond and for which the insurer will also respond directly, for the moral damages caused to Carlota Prado Alonso.

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For its part, the Prosecutor’s Office requested for José María López two years and six months in prison, the prohibition of approaching the victim within 500 meters for four years and the same time of probation and special disqualification for the right to passive suffrage for the time of the condemnation He also requested that the defendant, as a civil officer “former criminal”, and Zeppelin Televisión S.A.U. as civil responsible, they indemnify Carlota Prado Alonso, in the amount of 6,000 euros for moral damages. Ask for another 6,000 euros for those caused by the exhibition to the injured of the recorded images, the same would respond exclusively to the producer Zeppelin.

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From Zeppelin, they insist on their willingness to collaborate with justice: «We reaffirm our absolute respect for the ongoing judicial process, an open process following Zeppelin presenting the complaint that allowed the investigation to open up the facts that occurred on November 4, 2017. We have always collaborated with the authorities providing all the necessary evidence for the investigation, duly encrypted and guarded, and in the same way we maintain our absolute cooperation ». .


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