they ask him about the oil spill and he replies that they legalize marijuana

Peru is in an environmental emergency due to an oil spill from a refinery operated by the multinational Repsol. Since last week, there have been several efforts to prevent it from becoming an environmental tragedy.

For this reason, the president of the Inca country sent hundreds of workers to the coast, where journalistic teams arrived to cover the bad news.

Precisely, a journalist from the ‘Arriba Peru’ portal was doing a report on Cavero beach, north of Lima, anddecided to talk to one of the cleaners who was working on the shore of the beach.

The reporter, identified as René Cabezas Morales, approached the worker and asked his opinion about the oil spill, but he never imagined the response he was going to receive.

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“That the president already legalizes marijuana, reallythe man replied. In addition to surprising him, the words also bothered him and the journalist let him know.

“Do you know what you are talking about, sir? What is your name? Look at the stupidity that this man speaks”, settled Cabezas Morales in a high tone.

Although the reporter wanted to get more answers from the cleaner, he walked away and said: “We are working. I’m not making fun of anyone. I’m chatting Go there”.

René Cabezas Morales tried to interview more workers in the live broadcast of more than an hour, but the only statement he received had nothing to do with the oil spill and yes on the legalization of marijuana.

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