They asked the artist, Maryam Fakhr El-Din, about her opinion of the leader, Adel Imam, Faten Hamama, and Nermin El-Feki.. Her answer was bold and no one would think.! !

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Throughout her youth, the able artist, Maryam Fakhr El-Din, was an example of a beautiful and gentle woman, but with age the character we knew on screens turned into more frank, to be released in any dialogue in which shocking statements appear.

And about her opinion of Faten Hamama, Maryam Fakhr El-Din refused to call the artist “Lady of the Arab Screen” the artist, Faten Hamama, and spoke about the matter in an interview with the media, Hala Sarhan, and asked why she is called this title and demanded a search in the history of her films because she did not present different roles.

And she said: “The lady of the Arab screen, okay, for example, Mary Fakhreddine and Shadia. What are we, the two of us, of the Arab screen, Hind Rostom, Magda Al-Sabahi and Souad Hosni? I mean, this is our leader, and we are the worlds that we sing and follow!”, adding: “We all have beautiful needs.” There is no need for provocative nicknames.

Maryam Fakhr El-Din described the artist, Nermin El-Feki, as “Takhina” during her performance of the character “Enji” in the series “Red My Heart”, which is the same character that she embodied in the film, and said: “Nermin El-Feki’s takhina, I was like a leper, there is no one who eats a stuffed suit and goes to represent a romantic “.

She also attacked Adel Imam and the title “The Leader” and said that he is an actor like any artist, and he presented the play “Al-Wad Sayed Al-Shaghal”, why was he not called this title.

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