They assure that Sabrina Rojas is upset with the romance of Luciano Castro and Flor Vigna

The fairy tale, the good vibes and the assembled and happy family lasted a sigh. Sabrina rojas, Luciano Castro placeholder image and Flor Vigna a complicated triangle …

This Tuesday it was learned thatand Luciano Castro He dropped out of the play Nudes because he no longer wants to work with his ex, Sabrina Rojas: he had some strong scenes with her and now he’s dating Flor Vigna.

In Intruders they went a little more in depth and told that things between Sabrina Rojas and Flor Vigna are quite bad.

“She sent him many hints on stage, many jokes, those things,” said Evelyn Von Brocke and Adrián Pallares sentenced: “It must be said that Sabrina Rojas was lousy about Flor Vigna.”

“While she was with the Tucu, everything was fine but Flor Vigna fell like her ass,” added Rodrigo Lussich.

In addition, they said that Sabrina Rojas is very bothered by an attitude that Luciano Castro took since he left Vigna.

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