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“I am Betty the Ugly one” It is one of the most successful Colombian telenovelas of all time, that is why many remember it with great nostalgia despite the fact that more than 20 years have passed since it was released. How can we forget Beatriz Pinzón, an unattractive but very intelligent girl who comes to work at Ecomoda, where she falls madly in love with Armando Mendoza.

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Although at the beginning he begins an affair with the economist so as not to lose the fashion company, in the end he ends up feeling love for her. After several comings and goings, both arrive at the altar and join their lives forever; something that had been expected by the entire audience throughout the chapters.

However, information has circulated on social networks for a long time that has generated several questions in the followers of this series. And it is that he makes sure that the marriage between the protagonists would not have been a simple performance.

The protagonists of the Colombian telenovela in front of the priest swearing love. (Photo: RCN)


The doubt about the wedding between Beatriz Pinzón and Armando Mendoza arose when it was learned that the priest Alberto Linero, who officiated the mass, was the only person who was not acting at the time that both swore eternal love.

Years after his passage through “Betty, the ugly”, the priest said he never acted. “I did the homily that I would do in a marriage (…). I prevented the simulation from existing “. According to various media, Linero felt that he was obliged to perform the Mass as if it were real because if he did not do so he would have fallen into the crime of simulation, which is penalized by the Vatican, he published scarcely.

So why did a royal priest officiate Mass? The reason for his call was because at that time his face in Colombia was well known for hosting some television programs to spread the faith. So it was chosen, because they wanted to make this event as real as possible.

The Twitter user who asked the priest who married Betty and Armando.  (Photo: Sussie Rave / Twitter)

The Twitter user who asked the priest who married Betty and Armando. (Photo: Sussie Rave / Twitter)


Although he was consulted on the subject on several occasions, He never clarified if the union was real or not, although once he was encouraged to answer as a joke to a user on his social networks. The question arose after Linero gave up the habit.

“Hello P. Linero, since you married Betty and Armando, I would like to know if with your retirement this union is still valid or not. Thank you blessing “Sussie Rave wrote on Twitter.

Alberto Linero replied: “That marriage is void. There was falsehood: ‘She was not ugly’. I hope I have answered your question”. With this it is clear that the religious ceremony and the ritual that we saw in the soap opera was absolutely real.


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