They broadcast a video of the young man beaten by the rugby players threatening a taxi driver: “I’ll kill you”

Controversy in Córdoba due to the viralization of images.

The image of Lautaro Insúa with the broken partition after the beating he received by a group of young players from the Tala Rugby club in Córdoba toured all the country’s media less than 48 hours ago. Now, a video was released where the complainant returns to be the protagonist. Only in this case, he is not the victim but he is seen attacking a remisero.

According to the complaint filed by Insúa on Tuesday, the night before, two rugby players, whom he identified by name and surname, brutally attacked him when he invited them to leave from an uninvited alumni party.

For his part, one of the defendants crossed his version hours later and said it was Insúa the one who had hit him first, who even “tackled” him and threw him to the ground and that only when he could get up did he defend himself and returned two blows.

Two days later and in the middle of an investigation to clarify how the events happened, an old footage of the complainant appeared. As seen in the post made on Instagram last March 5 from the account “promomarktwain2020”, which was spread by The twelve, Insúa violently questioned a remisero for being late service.

The photo that the victim shared on the networks after the brutal aggression he suffered.By: The twelve

“Enough Insúa, leave it”, someone shouts in the background while the young man threatens the driver. “Here You have to satisfy customers. You didn’t even come here. Now my old woman is going to have to take over. First, I lost the twine “, he says with his fists on guard, and adds:” You do not fulfill the service, at 1.30 you had to be here. “

The driver of the car underestimates the situation and challenges Insúa, who is emboldened He replied: “I’ll kill you”. At that moment, the boy’s friends also appear on the scene and try to separate him to prevent the verbal discussion from spreading and the driver takes the opportunity to leave the place.

The case against the rugbiers for the beating

This Wednesday, Insúa’s lawyer, Carlos Nayi, confirmed to Telam that the two rugby players from Cordoba were charged for the crimes of “minor injuries”, “home violation” and “damage”, for the beating of the 18-year-old teenager that prevented them from participating in a private meeting of high school graduates in the city of Córdoba to which they were not invited .

The lawyer had requested the imputation of four young people involved in the aggression, while the prosecutor involved in the investigation, Horacio Vázquez, so far accused Mateo Soler and Tadeo Torasso, whom Insúa noted as the main aggressors.

Nayi insists, however, that the other two “must also be held criminally accountable for their passive actions, for not having intervened to try to avoid the brutal aggression ”.


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