They brutally beat a traffic officer in Medellín

According to Caracol News, the reprehensible aggression occurred because the transit agent I was going to immobilize some vehicles that were badly parked.

Therefore, the people who were in the place They started booing him and others, gallantly, hit him with fists, kicks and even knees, while the officer was only trying to protect his face and head, as shown in a video broadcast by the newscast and on social networks.

Even, points out the same medium, there were people who did not get involved but who did celebrate that people were hitting to the transit authority.

The Alert Paisa portal, for his part, explains that Carlos Alberto Marín, Undersecretary of Road Safety and Control of the Ministry of Mobility of Medellin, rcarried out the brutal beating and demanded respect for the lives of the officials who carry out their work.

The account of Twitter @noscogiolanoche posted the video of the aggression and indicated that the event He showed up because the traffic guard was going to immobilize a motorcycle that was badly parked.

Both Noticias Caracol and Alert Paisa agree that the authorities are already working on identifying the aggressors and that beating a public servant can lead to up to 8 years in prison.


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