“They can sanction me sack of …”: Bravo’s direct response to a fan who rebuked him in networks | Football

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Jose Jordan I Agence France Presse

The Red fell before Uruguay 2-1 at the start of qualifying, in a controversial match marked by the rude performance of the VAR.

The prison that they did not charge the national team generated multiple reactions on social networks, including that of the national Claudio Bravo.

The goalkeeper of Real Betis he was injured and was out of this call. That is why the match against the Charruas followed from Spain.

Through Twitter, the national commented on the controversial action: “I don’t believe you, what a hand he ate. Impossible when these things happen. Terrible!!!”.

In the same publication, a fan questioned his words, pointing out that he should stop being so “correct”, because “they had screwed us”.

Quickly Bravo answered him, clarifying that if he expressed himself in bad terms they could sanction him in a future call.


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