They capture an alleged extortionist and murderer of two people in Yolombó, Antioquia

A family in Antioquia
He was the victim of cruel extortion: his loved ones were murdered and, later, from one of their cell phones, the perpetrator began to make calls demanding 5 million pesos to reveal where the bodies were.

The detainee is accused of negotiating a business with the victims identified as Fabio de Jesús Correa Builes and Erica Silvana Correa Múnera, to sell him 43 head of cattle for 17 million pesos. At the time of the alleged delivery, he kidnapped and murdered them.

According to Colonel Jorge Cabra, commander of the Antioquia Police, the detainee hit his victims with a rock and threw them into a river, covering their bodies with rocks and brush in events that occurred in the municipality of Yolombó, northeast of the department. .

After murdering them, he used the cell phone of one of the victims to extort money from the family.

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he learned the audios of the extortion calls that the criminal made and that took him behind bars.

Extortionist: “See, I’m going to propose something to you, I’m going to lower you, but let it be a serious thing.”

Victim: “Yes, see if you want, I’ll go and give it to you.”

Extortionist: “I’m going to put it at $ 5 million.”

The Police began to trace the calls and the man when he realizes it begins to threaten the relative.

Extortionist: “You are going to see them neither alive nor dead, you asked me to trace my calls yesterday, and what did you think I was going to give you away at once.”

In the middle of this call the man is found by the Police in the municipality of Barbosa (north of the Aburrá Valley) and later captured.

“The Police Gaula finds that person speaking at the right time with the relatives of the two people who died two days earlier, requesting the money to deliver the information to locate the exact place where the bodies were,” said Cabra.

The offender must answer for the crimes of forced disappearance, extortion and aggravated homicide.

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