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The Police captured two men, accused of having participated in the events surrounding the murder of José Nicolás García Henao, 50, on November 11, in the city of Medellín.

The victim is the brother of the renowned comedian, David Alberto García, ‘Jeringa’. The crime of José Nicolás occurred in the middle of a robbery.

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The comedian pointed out that justice was served in the case and thanked the inhabitants of Medellín and the Police for the capture of the people linked to his brother’s crime.

“Thank you from my family, my message is only one of gratitude. Those who have been victims like me of these cases in which our home fell apart due to such a terrible issue, we must denounce,” he said.

And he added that the authorities with their tools can do a good job in dealing with these types of cases.

“To my police, God and Country,” he finally said.

The Police confirmed that those captured, known by the aliases of Chicharrón, 21 years old and ‘Forna’, 22 years old, would be part of a criminal network that calls itself ‘La libertad’, with interference in the commune 8 of Medellín.

Those captured will be charged with the crime of aggravated homicide
. The men were detained in the Moravia and 20 de Julio neighborhoods of the Antioquia capital.

According to the Police, for three months a special group against homicides of the Sijín, in coordination with the Attorney General’s Office, carried out various activities – from the management of human sources, field work, selective search in databases, video cameras of security – to achieve captures.

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Everything indicates that ‘Chicharrón’ and ‘Forna’ attacked García with the sole purpose of “steal his vehicle and bank cards, they assassinate him and later dump his body in the Tricentenario neighborhood“, says the Police in a statement.

When the criminals realized that they had robbed and murdered the brother of a public figure, ‘Jeringa’, they disappeared the car and fled Medellín. They returned at the end of last year.

‘Forna’, the investigators point out, was in charge of intimidating and affecting the integrity of the victims when they refused to hand over their belongings.

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They stole his vehicle and bank cards, they murdered him and later dumped his body in the Tricentenario neighborhood

The members of ‘La Libertad’ are dedicated to theft of vehicles and people in Medellín.

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In the investigation process, he was established as ‘Forna’, on February 4, 2020, “with another subject he participated in the theft of a private vehicle in the Boston neighborhood of Medellín, by intimidating a citizen of Brazilian nationality with a firearm “, highlights the Police.

The Police pointed out that to date in the Aburrá Valley, 19 percent of the homicides that have occurred this year have been clarified. And in Medellín 27 percent.



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