They confirm 10 deaths, including a minor, in a confrontation that began in Baja California and ended in Sonora

An armed confrontation registered in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, left ten dead, including a minor, the mayor of said municipality reported this Monday, Santos González Tinder.

The municipal leader wondered how it was possible that no state authority in Sonora or the state of Baja Californianot even the security agencies of the Government of Mexico were aware of the incursion of a convoy with 50 vans full of hitmen.

On Saturday, when the incident took place, the State Public Security Secretariat and the Sonora Attorney General’s Office only reported that there were eight deaths and twelve wounded, reserving the balance of innocent victims due to the violence that began with an armed confrontation in Coahuila. , in the state of Baja California.

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The attacks continued in the town of Luis B. Sánchez and in the city of San Luis Río Colorado, in Sonora, on the border with the United States.

In a broadcast on his personal Facebook profile, González Yescas revealed the death of a minor, for which he regretted that no State or Federal security agency had noticed the incursion of a convoy with more than 50 vansfull of armed people.

“It is something incredible that in a town like the police station Luis B. Sanchez This has happened and no one has noticed the passage of the convoy. How are we not going to notice? But I assure you that we are also collaborating in the entire investigation, why and where they entered, three criminals were killed and, unfortunately, a minor also died in Luis B. Sánchez”, declared Mayor González Yescas.

The municipal president also explained that, after the armed attacks in the towns of Río Colorado between Sonora and Baja California, the convoy of hit men also entered the border city of San Luis, which borders Arizona, to attack some stores, where drug dealers Do you sell drug

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Disputes between the “Mayos” and the “Chapitos”

Reporters revealed that in San Luis Río Colorado, in addition to the sale of drugs, these “little stores” also operate small clandestine casinos with gaming machines that are exploited by criminal groups with the permission of the authorities.

sources of the General Prosecutor of the Republic confirmed the death of a minor and two more children who were injured in the confrontation, for which reason the case has already been investigated.

Currently, the ministerial authorities of the State and the Federation have reported 50 seized vehicles, land and water, in addition to the arrest of eight suspects, four during the confrontation, two in the hours afterward, and two people arrested in five house searches derived from the research; as well as the assurance of assault rifles, short arms, ballistic vests, a grenade and chargers.

It has transpired that the violence generated in the limits of Sonora and Baja California, on the border with Arizona, is caused by a confrontation over the plaza for the transfer of drugs, weapons, money and people between Mexico and the United States.

According to local media, the dispute would be taking place between two cells of the Sinaloa or Pacific Cartel, that of the “Mayos”, linked to Ismael Mayo Zambada, against the ‘Chapitos’ linked with Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

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