They confirm that Clara Chia Martí is a transgender woman and that Gerard Piqué always knew it

In the last few hours, the rumor has been spreading that Clara Chia Marti, the current girlfriend of the former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué and the young woman they changed to Shakira, would actually be a transgender woman. In other words, he was previously a man and would have made the gender transition several years ago.

Through a video published on the platform TikTok, it has been revealed that Clara Chia Martí is actually a man. whose real name would be Esteban and it would take several years to make the transition to become a woman.

The news has shocked everyone media and the social networks, who have already viralized the rumors that are based on some tests provided and that would confirm the veracity of the secret that the young Catalan has very well kept.

However, what has attracted the most attention is that it is ensured that the former footballer of the Barcelona FC

he would have known about his girlfriend’s condition for a long time. Even, the Catalan not only helped her hide it, but she is also with the latest surgeries that the 23-year-old has become.

The news has spread quickly on the internet, especially among fans of Shakira, who try to use this as a mockery of the man who hurt their artist favorite. And although it is not confirmed, they have not hesitated to viralize the rumor around the world.

In the video, the supposed photos of what it was like have also been supplied Clara Chia when I was Esteban, something that has left many people speechless, since their resemblance is truly incredible.

And you, do you think Clara Chia Marti is she actually a trans woman?

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