They criticized Johnny, Jenni Rivera’s son, for “visiting” his mother and bringing her junk food

Johnny graduated at 15 and dedicated his speech to his mother, of whom he said “I would be very proud of him” (Photo: Instagram @juanangeloficial)

Jenni Rivera’s family has been very nostalgic in recent days on social networks, because It was recently eight years since that tragic accident in which the regional music singer Mexican lost her life when the private plane in which he was traveling from Monterrey to Mexico City collapsed.

And it is that his fans and descendants did not miss the date to remember personal aspects and the trajectory of the singer of famous songs such as Unforgettable and In exchange for, well the Rivera family posted moving messages and even held a meeting to remember their legacy.

Johnny is the son of Juan López, who died in a Lancaster hospital in 2009 due to complications from pneumonia (Photo: File)

Johnny is the son of Juan López, who died in a Lancaster hospital in 2009 due to complications from pneumonia (Photo: File)

But it was his youngest son, Johnny López, who divided the opinions of Jenni’s fans, as he decided to “go visit his mother” with a very peculiar gift which many described as in bad taste. The 19-year-old went to the place where the remains of the band diva and left a bag of chips and a bar of chocolate on his headstone, a symbolic gift that sparked the most varied comments.

Doritos, Snickers and beer, her son's offering to Jenni (Photo: Screenshot)

Doritos, Snickers and beer, her son’s offering to Jenni (Photo: Screenshot)

While some fans they assured that the act was a lack of respect for the artist’s memory, others defended it, assuring that it was a personal ritual and a gesture from son to mother, so there was no need to get into intimate matters and “only they will know why.”

It is not the first time that this happens, because on the Day of the Dead 2019, Doña Rosa, mother of the remembered singer, published a video where she is heard saying: “They already brought Jenni her Doritos and her beer, let’s see if they don’t throw it away ”.

“Many will say ridiculous, because they are not the ones who lost a mother, if that comforts him, leave it alone, that young man was left without a mother and a young father”, “Maybe his mother liked him a lot, I don’t see the bad, how cute”, are two of the many comments that netizens expressed about it.

Losing his parents as a child marked him deeply: “It is a wound that you can never fully heal, it has shaped my entire life and has consumed my mind since I was eight and eleven years old” (Photo: instagram @juanangeloficial)

And it’s that Johnny, who was 11 when his mother died, has confessed several times how much he misses her, however his sister Chiquis Rivera has served as “his second mother”. In keeping with the “scandalous” tradition of his famous family, Johnny has also been talked about over the years.

Firstly because in full puberty he gained kilos and became an overweight teenager, which he confessed that it affected him, however since 2018 he underwent a rigorous routine and eating plan with what became a slim young man. Another controversial moment in his life is when in 2017 revealed his romantic relationship with Joaquín Navarro, a boy his age, a situation that was not taken well by some of Jenni’s fans. About it, Chiquis Rivera stated:

“I want all the people to know that I support him 100 percent. He’s my brother, he’s mybaby’He’s my son … I’ve seen comments that say: ‘If Jenni was there, she wouldn’t agree. Chiquis didn’t do a good job with him, that’s why gay’. Things are not like that”, The singer said that she was already taking care of Johnny since his famous mother had to go on tour and fulfill work commitments.

About the pandemic, he wrote: “Having so much free time makes you feel with your emotions and you realize the pain with which you live” (Photo: instagram @juanangeloficial)

Johnny López also caused commotion among fans of the singer when revealing just a few days ago that He has thought about taking his own life in order to see his mother again. It was through a letter that the young man confessed his wish:

She recently announced her separation from Joaquín Navarro, who was her boyfriend since she was 15 years old (Photo: File)

She recently announced her separation from Joaquín Navarro, who was her boyfriend since she was 15 years old (Photo: File)

Many times contemplating killing myself so I can end my pain. Wishing as much that I was on that plane with you as I was originally supposed to be. I’m going to live life as long as God allows me and when I’m done, I know I’ll see you, you’ll ask me for a kiss with enthusiasm and you and my father are going to tell me: ‘You did well son, ”and it is that as is known, On the night of Jenni’s death, it was she herself who preferred that Johnny not board the plane who later collapsed taking his life.


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