They define citizen security strategies for the 21N elections

Caracas.- The sector vice president for Citizen Security and Peace, A / J Remigio Ceballos led a working meeting to define the guidelines and strategies, in order to guarantee the adequate participation of the organized people, in citizen security.

Through a post published on Twitter, he emphasized that through the use of new communication technologies, it will be possible to generate the appropriate mechanisms for the exercise of the protagonist participation of the organized people.

In the same way, it addressed the execution of the processes related to the operation, effectiveness and development of the Peace Quadrants.

Among the objectives of the meeting, it was agreed to implement a methodology that allows data monitoring and its respective registration, to react immediately to any situation of vulnerability and fact that affects citizen security and risk management.

Through VEN 9-1-1, a public security policy will be contributed through the Peace Quadrants, generating a reduction in the incidence of crime.

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