They deliver a legal medicine report on the corpse of Jeringa’s brother

Recently, the Legal Medicine report was known that shows the aggressions that José Nicolás García Henao suffered, during a robbery that took his life, brother of humorist David García, known as ‘Jeringa’.

The commander of the Aburrá Valley Police, General Eliécer Camacho, interviewed by Noticias Caracol, reported that the victim “According to Legal Medicine, it does not present any affectations caused by a firearm, rather a blow to the head with some blunt element, it presents lacerations as if it had been thrown from the vehicle.O”.

Medellin authorities offer a reward of up to 10 million pesos for information that helps with the whereabouts of the murderers of José García.

In context

Although the case was registered on November 11, when the lifeless body of the brother of ‘Syringe’ He appeared lifeless in the Castilla neighborhood of Medellín, it was only until the night of November 16 that the comedian used social networks to send a message to his followers asking for collaboration to find the whereabouts of his brother’s alleged murderers.

In a video posted on his account, lasting a few seconds, the comedian, visibly distressed, asks his audience about the conditions of violence in the country.

Recorded on the account of one of your colleagues, YermainHumor, has been replicated by followers of the humorist and sympathizers of his cause.

“How far has the insecurity reached in this country?”, He claimed within seconds of his intervention that has obtained a response among his Twitter followers.

Comedian goes to social networks to find alleged murderers of his brother.

And later, in a tweet he alludes directly to a gang of criminals from the city of Medellín: “They murdered my brother in Medellín for stealing his vehicle with which he worked. All my people from Antioquia. We are going to report. Please help me find these bastards. The authorities are after you, they cannot take the whole city on top. SIJIN 304 628 93 47 “

According to the National Police, the alleged motive would have been the theft of his private vehicle. According to General Eliécer Camacho, Commander of the Metropolitan Police, Medellín section: “We are making progress in the investigation to find those responsible. Nor do we have reports that the vehicle has appeared “, which would give indications that it was a robbery that cost the life of the brother of ‘Jeringa’. According to forensic reports, the victim’s identification was only known until Saturday.

That was one of the reasons for David Alberto Garcia Henao, the comedian’s real name, reacted on Twitter stating that his brother was killed by a gang of vehicle snatchers who stole his private truck, a Duster with plates FVY-989 from the city of Medellín.

However, the comedian did not stay in the complaint but asked his followers for collaboration to find the whereabouts of the alleged murderers who killed his brother in the streets of the capital of Antioquia, so he has used Twitter to communicate his anguish.

The comedian has had a career of ups and downs since the 1990s when he appeared on the program “Sábados Felices,” which has been on the air for more than thirty years. ‘Syringe’ He has garnered awards as the best comedian in Medellín, the best joke-teller on the Sábados Felices program for several consecutive years, and is recognized in entertainment for his marriage to the athlete Yohanna Suárez, a very popular bodybuilder on his Instagram. In addition to being a recognized animalist and having one of the highest paid shows of Colombian humor, with permanent presentations in the main cities of the country and a constant tour in the United States.

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