They demand anticancer drugs

Chilpancingo.— Relatives of children with cancer blocked the Costera Miguel Alemán, in Acapulco, to denounce the shortage of medicines at the State Cancer Institute (Iecan).

At noon yesterday, some 30 fathers and mothers blocked both directions of the Costera to demand medicine, as well as equipment for their children to receive care.

One of the relatives denounced that due to the lack of medicines, at least 12 children have died this year for not following their treatment.

The fathers and mothers denounced the lack of interest from the authorities, as they said that the administrator of the Iecan, Irving Torres, has refused to attend to them so that the shortage can be explained to them.

They pointed out that in the absence of medicines, parents are forced to buy them, but for many it is impossible to pay for them.

One of them showed a recipe; He indicated that to cover a three-day treatment he needed 24 thousand 668 pesos: “When we don’t have to buy it and we go to the hospital, they only tell us that they are going to apply [el tratamiento] the children until there is, but these treatments cannot wait ”, they denounced.

Luzmileidi Porrutia Antúnez, mother of a girl with cancer, said that she had to leave her home in the Tierra Caliente region and move to Acapulco so that her daughter could receive care.

He indicated that due to the shortage of the drug, he has to be permanently vigilant in the hospital.

He also stressed that some two years ago, anticancer drugs began to be scarce, but the shortage worsened in the contingency due to Covid-19.

Relatives counted that, at this time, Iecan cares for about 170 children and 300 adults. In addition, it is the only hospital that cares for cancer patients in all regions of Guerrero.

“We asked the governor [Héctor Astudillo] and the president [Andrés Manuel López Obrador] that they touch the heart “, commented Porrutia Antúnez.


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