They denounce massacre in Santander de Quilichao, Colombia | News

The Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (Indepaz) denounced on Monday the perpetration of a massacre in the municipality of Santander de Quilichao, located in the Colombian department of Cauca (Southwest).


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According to Indepaz, the incident occurred in an area of ​​the municipality known as Quinamayo, where armed men murdered three people, “attacked people who were inside a public place in the area,” they add.

The reports indicate that the victims responded to the names of John Janer Vásquez, Willington José Larrahondo (both residents of La Toma village) and Gabriel Lasso, the latter was a teacher in the municipality and husband of the president of the Community Action Board of Quinamayo.

Indepaz recalls that the Ombudsman’s Office in Colombia had issued an alert for the risk in the area due to the presence of armed groups, as well as the territorial dispute between them.

“The groups that are present are the National Liberation Army (ELN) José María Becerra Front; the Milton Hernández Company; Jaime Martínez Mobile Column; Gaitanistas Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AGC); and the GAO-R Dagoberto Ramos”, details the institute .

In just seven months of the year 2021, Colombia registers 54 massacres, the departments of Cauca and Antioquia being the ones that most register these unfortunate events.

The sin of being a social leader

Although the Colombian government insists on questioning the democracies of other countries, it still does not address internal problems, its country continues to be submerged in a maelstrom of blood and barbarism.

In addition to the massacres that have taken place, in Colombia it seems that being a social leader is a sin that must be threatened and exterminated.

Recently, Indepaz reported that this Monday the social leader Luis Hernando Castrillón was assassinated in the municipality of Yolombó, located in the department of Antioquia. The victim served as treasurer of the Community Action Board of the village of La Cruz.

The institute details that so far in 2021, 97 social leaders have been assassinated in the South American country and since the signing of the Peace Agreement in 2016, a total of 1,213 leaders were killed by armed groups.

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