They denounce robbery of 30 vehicles on a road in Santa Fe de Antioquia

While returning from a tour of the Fátima village this Saturday, the mayor of Santa Fe de Antioquia, Andrés Felipe Pardo, he came across dozens of vehicles whose occupants had just been robbed.

This was reported by the mayor himself to EL COLOMBIANO, noting that the event occurred around 6:30 in the afternoon, in the sector known as La Usa, on the departmental road that from Bolombolo leads to the municipality of Caicedo, in the jurisdiction of Santa Fe de Antioquia.

“Three bandits who have historically robbed this sector stole more than 30 vehicles, taking wages, money from the peasants, cell phones, the purchases that people had made in Medellín,” said the local president.

The president called on the public force, which, he said, has been alerted in several previous safety councils about the insecurity of the sector It has an important traffic because it also connects municipalities in the Southwest such as Urrao with several in the western subregion.

Last March, in the same area, assailants had carried out another massive robbery in which an ambulance in service that was heading to the Guillermo Gaviria Correa hospital in Caicedo was even affected. Another similar event was repeated on July 17 with an ambulance traveling from Caicedo to Urrao.

The road, Mayor Pardo emphasizes, has several sections along its 38 very lonely kilometers which puts hundreds of travelers and residents who travel through it daily in imminent danger.

When the robbery occurred last March, Pardo had asked the Army and Police to organize a patrol strategy that, at least intermittently, would send at least a dissuasive message to criminals.

According to the authorities, This year there are 10 massive robberies reported on the roads of the West of Antioquia.

Colonel Daniel Mazo, Antioquia Police Commander, told EL COLOMBIANO that members of Sijin, Sipol and Gaula arrived at the scene of the robbery and that together with the Army they are conducting a search for the criminals as well as verifying the people affected. In the area, Colonel Mazo pointed out, “there has been an escort service for buses and vehicles. I am in the investigation to find out why this fact was presented to us again ”.

The departmental police commander assured that although it is not possible at this time to determine exactly whether those responsible for the massive robbery that Saturday are the same ones for similar events in previous months, the modus operandi suggests that this is the case.

The colonel stressed that he hopes to give results on these specific events and acknowledged that it is a debt they have with the community.


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