They denounce that Ayuso’s Wikipedia page has been altered from a government headquarters to ridicule it

«Someone anonymous from the Secretary of State for Public Administrations has edited the Wikipedia page” President of the Community of Madrid “Their IP is registered and they don’t realize it. Little garrullos in the government [SIC]», With this message, the Twitter account @miguelms_es, in the name of Miguel M. Serrano, who claims to be a computer engineer. The change introduced in the entry of this online encyclopedia added the nickname of “The Enlightened One” to Isabel Díaz Ayuso. Also, as explained in the aforementioned account of the social network, the apostille “For our misfortune” was also included in the term of office, four years.

The tweet, with more than half a million views, has gone viral after various digital media have echoed the complaint. Among the details provided by Miguel M. Serrano, it is noted that the change in public information was made from IP “”. It also explains how it can be verified that said address corresponds to the Secretary of State for Public Administrations, whose internet services are provided by the public entity

The changes took place specifically in the sheet that accompanies the job description of “President of the Community of Madrid”, which specifies that the current leader of the regional Executive is Isabel Díaz Ayuso. .

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