They denounce that Rocío Oliva used Diego Maradona’s credit card after his death | Daily Show

The scandals that surround the family of Diego Maradona and his inner circle still continue after his death. This time he is at the center of the controversy Dew Oliva, his last ex-girlfriend.

Although the soccer star and the panelist were separated, during the last time of Ten’s life they maintained a friendship relationship, according to her account. However, a peculiar attitude caused the fury of all the rest of the environment to explode.

After the death of the idol, Oliva continued using an extension of her credit card and would have accumulated a very high sum of expenses, as confirmed Maite Peñoñori in “The Angels of the Morning”.

“They discovered that there is an extension of a credit card that Rocío had in her possession and now they found that there were expenses until the days after Maradona’s death. They were very high expenses on Rocío’s part”, detailed the chronicler.

And he added that although the total amount of consumption did not transcend, he assured that it is a number “towering that followed after the death of Ten “. He also counted what was the family’s reaction from the former coach of Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata: “They saw it off. When they saw the summary, there were many expenses in the previous days, but even with Diego deceased.”

And Ángel de Brito shot a spicy reflection: “I mean, they suspect that he took advantage and spent as much as he could“And the journalist agreed with him.

He even revealed that Rocío’s mother still uses a high-end truck that belonged to Diego, and said that from the inner circle “they are also very angry ” therefore. “I understand that if you handle it you must have the papers in your name or some type of identification”, cleared to close.

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