They develop master’s degrees for the Comprehensive Defense of the Nation in Puerto Ordaz

It is the Third Phase of the Exercise of the Carabobo Campaign 1821-2021.

Representing the Governor of Bolívar state, Justo Noguera Pietri, the Secretary General of the Government, Edgar Delgado Merentes, the Commander of the Strategic Region of Integral Defense (Redi) M / G Juan Carlos Du Boulay and the Commander of the Defense Operational Zone Integral (Zodi) Humberto Núñez, welcomed the Vice-rector for Research and director of the Center for Polemological and Strategic Studies of the Bolivarian Military University of Venezuela (Umbv) G / D Pablo Pérez Villamizar and the director of the Institute for Strategic and Operational Studies of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Ieseofanb) G / B Rafael Zerpa; who attend the Master’s Programs in National Security and Master’s in Planning and Conduct of Military Operations of the institutes attached to the Center for Polemological and Strategic Studies (Iaesen – Ieseofanb) that are carried out in the state of Bolívar.

The meeting is held as part of Phase III of the Planning Exercise for the Security of the Nation Bicentennial of the Carabobo Campaign of 1821 and there are 90 professionals among officers, generals, senior teaching officers and military teachers from both institutes, who are They will focus on the auditorium of the Mundo de Sonrisas Integral Rehabilitation Center (CRI) in Puerto Ordaz, for five days.

“With great pride and joy we receive this representation of all our military colleagues from the Bolivarian Military University of Venezuela, who have arrived during a period of five days to establish a joint integration with the entire military defense system stationed in the Bolívar state, but also with the structure of the regional and municipal government and everything that has to do with that learning and teaching so that future statesmen can deploy in the capacities of public management, military strategy and defense, in addition to internal order. ”, Delgado Merentes explained.

At the same time, he stated that it is planned to carry out visits to different scenarios in which hypotheses are raised and the military defensive system can integrate efforts in civil-military union, so that the different recommendations to the Government State guarantee an effective administration of public services, national public policies and the guarantee of internal order and citizen security.

Núñez Hernández asserted that the cycle of conferences was in charge of the representatives of the Redi Guayana, Zodi Bolívar and the Secretary General of the Government on behalf of Noguera Pietri, in order to comply with the support received by the academic institutions of the Umbv, with a planning agenda that strengthens the General Staff.

They will arrive at San Martín de Turumbang

For his part, Pérez Villamizar commented that Bolívar state is a strategic area of ​​Venezuela because it connects the entity with the Amazonian facade and generates the vision of development within the framework of the nation’s security.

“We are strengthening the strategic military concept for the integral defense of the nation, with a view to strengthening our doctrine of integral defense with the strengthening of our best tool, which is the civic-military union; also developing the concept and doctrine of diffuse, multidimensional, multiform war that is being applied to Venezuela and supporting the State and its authorities in planning what is the integral defense of this so important region of the country ”, he explained.

Pérez Villamizar added that Court 49 of the Institute of Higher Security Studies of the Nation and Court 4 of the Institute of Operational Studies of the Fanb are in Bolívar state and are intended to make strategic appraisals and survey of the area with a view to reinforcing defensive plans.

“The seven areas of the Nation must be visualized: political, economic, social, environmental, geographic, cultural and military,” he explained.

Zerpa Zambrano argued that they are carrying out the Third Phase of the Exercise of the Carabobo Campaign 1821-2021, which aims to determine and corroborate on the ground, in practice, the current situation of those products and channels that have been lift in the cabinet work at each of the planning levels.

“We are in the second week of the national tour, our starting point was the port of La Guaira state, we arrived at La Tortuga Island, Nueva Esparta state, among others,” he said.

It is expected that at the end of the activities in Puerto Ordaz, they will be transferred to the population of Tumeremo and Isla de Anacoco to determine in practice and collect the information that can complement the tools at the level of the strategic military concept and thus pay taxes to strengthen the defensive system territorial.

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