They discover a spy virus in «apps» for iOS and Android with more than 150 million downloads

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The cybersecurity company VPNPro has discovered the presence of a Trojan virus that works as spyware or “spyware” in video applications for iOS and Android mobiles such as VivaVideo, which, in total, accumulate more than 150 million downloads.

The investigated applications come from the same developer from China, based in Hangzhou, author of applications for iOS and Android such as VivaVideo (100 million downloads), SlidePlus (one million), VivaCut and Tempo, as well as the Indian «app» VidStatus , installed 50 million times. In total, they total at least 157 million installations.

These video and audio editing applications are characterized by asking for an excessive amount of sensitive permissions on the mobile phone – up to nine in the case of VidStatus-, several of them not necessary for the operation of video and audio editors.

Permissions include writing to external memories, access to the GPS location even in the background, camera, phone status, microphone and contacts, as VPNPro has warned in a statement.

However, its greatest danger is that some such as VidStatus contain a Trojan known as AndroidOS / AndroRat, as Microsoft has previously warned and includes the VirusTotal platform.

For its part, the VivaVideo application was already released in 2017 when the Indian authorities revealed that it was one of the 42 mobile applications developed in China that works as spyware or “spyware”, as reported by “Financial Express”.

VPNPro has advised users to exercise caution with any of the QuVideo applications and conclude that, if users see that the apps “do not provide real benefit”, it is advisable to “remove them as soon as possible from the mobile”. .


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