They discover what food can eliminate bad breath caused by garlic

2023-09-29 12:49:36

Garlic It is one of the most used ingredients in cooking. Whole, laminated, raw or cooked, it is part of preparations, stews and salads.

Furthermore, including it in lunch, dinner or breakfast cannot have anything but benefits since Its positive effects are innumerable.: strengthens immunity, works as an anti-inflammatory and improves cardiovascular health, among others.

However, there is a small drawback which is that, if we overdo it, we will keep it in mind throughout the day since it leaves an aftertaste in our breath that is difficult to eliminate.

They discover what food can eliminate bad breath caused by garlic

Until now, home remedies, such as chewing mint or parsley, only manage to slightly reduce the aroma and improve breath.

Although there is another remedy capable of combating garlic breath, and it was discovered by researchers at Ohio State University, United States. It turns out that yogurt may have an unknown benefit: eliminating the smell of garlic.

The new study conducted in a laboratory (and follow-up tests on human breath are being planned) showed that plain yogurt with whole milk prevented almost all of the volatile compounds responsible for garlic’s pungent odor from escaping into the air.

The researchers tested the deodorizing abilities of yogurt’s garlic and its individual components of water, fat and protein to see how each stood up to the stench. Both fats and proteins were effective at trapping garlic odor, leading scientists to suggest that protein-rich foods could one day be formulated specifically to combat garlic breath.

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The trendy food with a secondary benefit

High protein is a very hot thing right now; In general, people want to eat more protein. An unintended side benefit may be a protein-rich formulation that could be promoted as a breath deodorant in addition to its nutritional properties.

Sheryl Barringer, a professor of food science and technology at Ohio State University and lead author of the study, said she was more excited about the protein’s effectiveness because consumer advice to eat a high-fat food is not going to be Well received.

What about flavored yogurts?

Barringer has a history of identifying Foods that can combat garlic breath, including apples, mint, lettuce, and milkthanks to its enzymes and fats, respectively, that eliminate the sulfur-based compounds that cause the persistent odor of garlic.

After encountering speculation that yogurt might have a deodorizing effect, Barringer and Manpreet Kaur, a doctoral student in his lab, decided to check it out. For each treatment experiment, the researchers placed equal amounts of raw garlic in glass bottles and confirmed that the group of harmful sulfur-based volatiles were released at concentrations that would be detected by the human nose.

They used mass spectrometry to measure the levels of volatile molecules in gaseous form present before and after each treatment. The results showed that yogurt alone reduced 99 percent of the main odor-producing volatile compounds in raw garlic.

When introduced separately, the fat, water, and protein components of yogurt also had a deodorizing effect on raw garlic, but fat and protein performed better than water.

In the case of fat, a higher amount of butterfat was more effective in deodorizing. The proteins studied included different forms of whey, casein and milk proteins, all of which were effective in deodorizing garlic, probably due to their ability to trap the volatile molecules before they were emitted into the air.

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A casein micelle and whey protein complex performed best. ”We know that proteins link flavor; Many times that is considered negative, especially if a protein-rich food has less flavor. In this case, it could be positive,” Barringer said.

Additional experiments involving changing the pH of the yogurt to make it less acidic (from 4.4 pH to 7 pH) reduced the deodorizing effect of the yogurt on the garlic. On the other hand, changing the pH of the water made no difference to the deodorizing effect of the water.

“That tells me that it all goes back to those proteins, because as the pH changes, the configuration of the proteins and their ability to bind changes. That said, we should definitely look at these proteins,” Barringer says.

It probably depends on the protein too, because different proteins react differently to pH. So that may be something important as we look at other proteins for their garlic deodorizing effect.

What happens if garlic is fried

Barringer and Kaur also tested the deodorizing effect of yogurt and its separate components in fried garlic and, in the process, found that frying garlic alone significantly reduced most of the volatile compounds that cause garlic odor. The yogurt and its individual ingredients neutralized a lower percentage of volatile compounds from fried garlic compared to raw garlic, presumably because there were fewer volatiles to trap than those present in raw cloves, the researchers theorized.

The findings are a good basis for future studies looking at a variety of proteins that could be formulated into the perfect product to reduce garlic breath and looking to verify yogurt’s ability to curb garlic breath in people. Meanwhile, Barringer predicts that Greek yogurt, with a higher protein profile than the plain, whole-milk yogurt used in the study, may be particularly effective at eliminating garlic breath.

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Fruit-flavored yogurts will probably work as well, he said, and whatever the use, it should quickly follow the ingestion of raw garlic. “With apples, we have always said to eat them immediately. The same thing is supposed to happen with yogurt: eat the garlic and yogurt right away,” she concludes.

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