They dissolve a party in Berlin with 600 people for not respecting the rules against the coronavirus

Last night Berlin police units and the Federal Police dissolved a “Fetisch Party”, a fetish party, in a well-known venue in the German capital, where more than 600 people had gathered. “There were too many people in too little space,” a police spokesman reported today to justify the intervention, carried out within the campaign to enforce the restrictions and measures dictated to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Dozens of agents forced the participants to suspend the party and leave the popular venue Alte Münze, a complex of buildings that once housed the German Mint located in the heart of Berlin. The organizer of the celebration has also been denounced for violating the Ordinance of Protection against Infections. The police stressed that it was impossible to maintain the minimum physical distance of one and a half meters between people in the premises and that the vast majority of the attendees did not wear masks.

A thousand policemen from the German capital, reinforced with Federal Police officers, began a campaign this Saturday to verify and enforce compliance with hygiene standards, use of masks and respect for physical distance in the Prussian metropolis. In a joint statement issued by both security forces, it is emphasized that between 80% and 90% of the citizens of Berlin respect these rules, but that late at night there was a relaxation in compliance with them in bars and locals. alternate. During the day the police controlled markets, shopping streets and galleries and green areas. The official note indicates that those people who were controlled for not wearing the mask immediately covered their faces at the request of the agents and that only 23 administrative complaints were filed for refusing to use masks. There were also 5 criminal complaints, among other things, for insults to the authority and resistance to the forces of order.

Late in the afternoon and at night, the agents were dedicated to controlling bars and restaurants, which must close from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. by order of the Berlin Senate, the executive of the city-state. However, during the last week about thirty premises have managed to circumvent this prohibition after presenting urgent demands before the Administrative Court of Berlin, which authorized their opening without a time limit on the grounds that the restrictive measures are disproportionate. Dozens of more locals are awaiting new court decisions after following the example of those who have been successful. The police action was also directed against illegal parties, but also private parties with an excess of attendees. The German authorities have banned since this week private meetings of more than ten people and a maximum of two different homes in those towns or regions considered at risk due to the high number of infections.

Meanwhile, the number of new infections registered in Germany in the last 24 hours rose to 11,176, about 3,500 less than the previous day, according to data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), responsible for coordinating the fight against the pandemic in this country. The RKI recalled, however, that data is not received from all German health offices on weekends, so the number of new infected people should be appreciably higher.

On the other hand, Karl Lauterbach, virologist and health expert from the ruling Social Democratic Party, believes that a new stoppage of the economy and social life in Germany like last spring will be inevitable this fall if the spread of the coronavirus is not managed. “If in the next two or three weeks we are unable to limit personal contacts in a short time, infections will have increased so strongly that there will only be an alternative to decree a new closure,” warns Lauterbach in statements to the Sunday Bild am Sonntag. “The restrictions that have now been agreed are insufficient to prevent intensive care units from overflowing in December and deaths clearly increasing,” says Lauterbach, calling for tougher measures to avoid going to that extreme.


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