“They don’t play against us, I don’t care what they think”

On a thirteen-game winning streak, the Suns are the hottest team in the entire NBA right now. And yet, even if TrashTalk talks about it in its aperitifs, they do not necessarily make the headlines in the media landscape of the Great League today. Does it bother young Phoenix winger Mikal Bridges? Not really, no.

Lakers, Nets, Warriors, Bulls, Knicks, Sixers, Heat… These are the teams that we hear most often on TV sets and in various debates today. If some of them clearly deserve their position in the light, like the Warriors for example who have the best record in the NBA, others are mainly there because they represent mythical franchises operating in a large market (hello the Lakers, hello Knicks). And that inevitably, their victories or their galleys excite the crowds more than the results of the Detroit Pistons (hop, a stray bullet). But during this time, we have a formation located on the side of Phoenix which really unrolls its basketball. As has been said, the Cacti are on thirteen straight wins today and quietly squat second in the West behind Golden State with an excellent record of fourteen wins for just three losses. Clearly, the Suns are proving at the start of the season that their qualification for the NBA Finals a few months ago was not linked to chance (or to COVID / injuries, it depends), and that it will be necessary once again count on them this year. But despite their success, we have the impression that they are a bit left out in some discussions. JJ Redick, now analyst for ESPN, says himself on his podcast, where Mikal Bridges was recently guest: “I spent seven fucking hours at ESPN today, and I believe the Suns weren’t mentioned once.” Mikal’s response to this? There she is.

” Whether it be ESPN, Fox Sports, NBA TV, are these assholes going to put on their sneakers to face us? No, so I don’t care what they think. If they want to play against us, we welcome them with open arms. “

No matter what the Hexperts think, say – or don’t say for that matter with a capital H, the Suns results speak for themselves. The Cacti have their second best start to the season after the Warriors and dismantle the teams that are currently in their path. Obviously, Mikal Bridges does not need more. The respect he seeks is above all that of his adversaries and given the course of Phoenix last year as well as the current big winning streak, it would be better if the design respects the Cacti, because they sting very hard.

Operating in a smaller market than Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco or Chicago does not work in favor of the Phoenix Suns when it comes to visibility, and a collective that runs like clockwork – without drama – is not. not necessarily there storyline neither is the most exciting in the current NBA, which sometimes looks like a giant reality show. And then let’s be honest, the Cacti haven’t faced the most hardcore schedule in the universe in their thirteen straight wins, either. In the field, the team with the best record at the time of these lines is Dallas (ten wins – seven losses). That doesn’t take anything away from their very good start to the season, but it may also partly explain why they are not making the headlines. Fortunately, as luck does things well, the Suns will have the opportunity to make some noise in the days to come because the opposition will get tough. On the Cactus menu: first two games in Cleveland and New York, that’s fine, but then there will be a trip to Brooklyn, and two clashes at the top with Golden State. It promises !

If the Suns’ winning streak is still relevant after these big deadlines, there’s a good chance that we will talk a lot more about Phoenix in the big contender category. Even if in real life, the Cacti are already part of it today.

Source texte : The Old Man and the Three

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