They elect a new president for the Governing Board of the UPR

With the start of the new academic year, the Governing Board from University of Puerto Rico (UPR) constituted, in an ordinary meeting held today, August 26, what will be its new Executive committee, as well as the permanent and special committees that will be working for the next year 2021-2022.

As part of the work, the doctor Mayda Velasco Bonilla The new president of the Governing Board of the UPR was selected by majority vote. The scientist was pleased with the results of the meeting, as well as excited about her new assignment.

“We recognize that the University of Puerto Rico has faced countless challenges over the years. However, we continue with a firm step towards the real transformation of the institution, seeking to leave behind, as soon as possible, the intervention of the Fiscal Oversight Board through compliance with the Certified Fiscal Plan. My commitment is with the UPR and with the efforts to bring a clear message to the Fiscal Board so that they understand that the University of Puerto Rico has already received substantial cuts in the past four years and that now what we need is time to implement the measures traced, ”stated the incoming president in written statements.

Velasco Bonilla replaces the engineer as leader of the Governing Board Emilio Colón Beltrán, who remains a member of the body.

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In the same way, Velasco Bonilla affirmed its “north in providing students with an academic offer of excellence and tempered to the professional demand of the market, revitalizing the physical facilities of the university system, maximizing federal funds, creating efficiency and administrative agility that results in a better service for students, who are our reason for being ”.

On the other hand, the academic, who until today served as vice president of the organization, stressed that “we will continue evaluating how to improve the working conditions of teachers and, also, of non-teaching employees through a new Classification and Remuneration Plan, which it adjusts to the times and needs of the university ”.

About him Search and Consultation Committee, in charge of identifying and evaluating the candidates to preside over the UPR, it was reported that it will be constituted in the next few days.

“We appreciate the availability of the doctor Mayra Olavarría Cruz to preside over the UPR on an interim basis, providing stability to the academic, investigative, and administrative operation, while a proprietary president is selected. The Governing Board, which I am now honored to preside, has as a priority to identify a person who, after executing the measures of the Fiscal Plan, can focus on revitalizing the institution and raising substantial external funds. As the Governing Board, our role is to empower that person to assume the leadership of the university system, establishing a public policy that allows them, really, to be agile and efficient in the search for new growth strategies and international projection of the main educational center. and a scientist from the island, ”said Velasco Bonilla.


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